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It reached number 1 on the Billboard charts and remained on the charts for 38 weeks.To many, the song was overplayed on the radio stations. "There was one song that was force-fed down people's throats - - and it became annoying, and then people started to associate the artist with the same word," Blunt told the magazine.He only went to Harrow, he tells me, because his father was in the Army and they paid the fees."The UK obsesses over my poshness, but it's never mentioned overseas.I suppose it will always follow me because I have a stupid speaking voice, but I don't think it's an appropriate label."Accusations of poshness aren't going to be dimmed by the fact that Blunt's wife is the daughter of the ninth Duke of Wellington, or by the news that Blunt has just bought , a pub near his home in Chelsea, which he saved from property developers.

This song can be found on his debut album, the song is still made an impact on the radios, though it was not played as often as his first hit.

With an arresting honesty, James Blunt tells me that he had considered recording our interview. We shouldn't take ourselves too seriously or be revered that much." READ MORE: * James Blunt says You're Beautiful is far from romantic * James Blunt: 'Princess Beatrice injuring Ed Sheeran story was made up' * James Blunt returning to the spotlight with new album release * Carrie Fisher's house was as much a part of Hollywood history as she was * James Blunt calls You're Beautiful annoying Blunt does a fine line in flippancy which has, on occasion, got him into trouble.

I say that he can't trust journalists very much."I stopped doing interviews for a long time because the words were mine, but they were in the wrong order," says the singer-songwriter. His tweets are laced with self-deprecating humour: "If you thought 2016 was bad – I am releasing an album in 2017."When he started out on Twitter, his handle was "@Dirty Lil Blunt" until his record label intervened. This is who I am; it's amusing'." ), was the best-selling album of that decade and his estimated wealth stands at £14.5 million. The metropolitan elite who write about him in the British media have been less than kind, and his music has always had a critical mauling.

It's a quixotic act, unless of course he is going to use it as a base for a UK residency.

That thought elicits a typical Blunt response."I won't be pulling pints, nor will I be performing there.

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