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I never saw them have sex, but the signs were there.I never told my ex about this, i struggled for a few days to figure out what i was going to do.

So I started to play with her boobs which were small but firm and nice, I was playing with here nipples and started to suck on them, I could feel here enjoying it but she was also nervous of someone walking in.

Where then I would bind her wrists and ankles full spread st. I would tease my little cock slut until her juices are flowing like a waterfall. She would have to ask permission when she wants to cum. It was late 2008 my gf and i broke up and the premature started about 2/3 into our relationship.

Like unbelievable to the point that her bed has a wetspot even before we fuck. I would eventually get her comfortable enough for bondage. I have a sexy mask for her to wear if she doesn't want her face shown. I used to be great at sex, i mean pretty damn good.

So she said something along the lines of "Do you want to do what we did before?

" I said that i wanted to play with her boobies, and all that jazz. So I got up on the bed that she was on and she said "Shirt on or off?

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