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I suspect the bees had planned to move into these hive bodies and paniced when they encountered the smoke from the fire. I think they might have been in a bit of a panic because about 1/2 hour before they swarmed we had started a fire in our burn barrel which was near some hive bodies with drawn comb which my husband bought a few days before and hadn't stored yet. Sonja From [email protected] Jul 7 EDT 1996 Article: 4812 of sci.agriculture.beekeeping Path:! john From: John Stanton I have heard of oil of wintergreen being used as an old fashioned remedy for infected hives - has anyone heard or used this in their hives and if so what for and what were the results. Janet Katz From [email protected] Jul 7 EDT 1996 Article: 4811 of sci.agriculture.beekeeping Path:!

I use masking tape as it is so easy to mould once in place. Christopher From [email protected] Jul 7 EDT 1996 Article: 4816 of sci.agriculture.beekeeping Path:!

If we do find them could we coax them into hive bodies by leaving some nearby with drawn comb or do we have to actually catch them?

I want some kind of range so I know if it is worth combating devil's club and vine maple to try and find them.

Most of my books say not very far or some other unexact thing.

I was wondering how far a swarm might go before they settle down.

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