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I went on Christian Mingle for online dating and was scammed. ) who said he was in a car accident in which the vehicles burned but the only item salvaged was a piece of paper with my name on it. And then the type of hospitals that the "doctor" said he was at, did not make sense.I figured it out after two weeks but not after dishing out 00 (which I can't believe I did) and flying to an airport to meet him and then having to wait for many hours to get a flight home. I guess that I thought that a Christian dating site would be safe. I feel violated and ashamed but I'm happy that I found this site and can share my experience and hopefully prevent others from falling into this trap.As stated earlier, I have made the gold purchase, got documentations and paid all necessary fees only to be told I have to pay 2% of total purchase of ,160,000 (,200) as IRS VAT on the gold purchase this afternoon.The normal percentage I was told was 1% but it is obviously different in Ghana.He gave me his personal email ([email protected]) and we began communicating.He said he lived in Miami but was raised in Norway, was divorced and had a daughter named Emma.If you read your way through the forums, much can be learned on how scams operate etc. They are really good at manipulating people, especially those of us who were just not aware of Nigerian romance scammers. I think once we have an experience like this, we can recognize the fake profiles quite easily though. Most of us have never experienced dealing with such low lives and really don't expect it until one of the creatures manipulates us.Even if their English is good, there are other things that give it away (even before they ask for money). There are warnings on most of these dating sites now, but I think they can do more and be more specific about what they do to people. I found the number on the site to contact Western Union to see if the money had been picked up and it was 1/2 hour after sent (should have known..was one week ago). I think that one of the cues for people to recognize a scam is that there may be something wrong in the e-mail address like a goofy letter or a transposed letter.

He didn't ask me outright for the money, but I felt it was hinted at.God will be my avenger and he will get what he deserves in the end.I still have over 2 months left on Christian Mingle but probably won't use it unless it's someone local who catches my eye. I told him I would pray for him, but that was all that I could offer. I am waiting to see if he tries to take his scam to the next level tomorrow and, if so, I will be prepared for him.Then tonight I started searching for dating scams and found a woman who had been scammed by a man on Christian Mingle and quoted parts of a letter she received. I couldn't send him any money even if I wanted to, so no danger in that. It's so sad that men will use the name of Jesus Christ to try to scam money out of women that only want to be loved by a man as Christ loves the church.

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