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Just kidding, Ru hasn’t made Ross famous enough to score a date with Huckleberry Hound.But seriously, Ru Paul: I can’t think of anyone who has done more to support the gay community than you…is the sort of episode you remember: iconic challenges, self-referential herstory making, and a high laugh-per-minute rate.It centred entirely around a repeat of the iconic Ru Paul roast from Season Five.Not unlike a teen drama “going to college”, the familiar aspects of the show were still there but now in a changed environment – not so much in format, but in feeling.This season, we have seen the show respond directly to its rapid increase in fandom, and the difficulties that brings (leave youragainst LGBTIQA people taking place in Russia) and empathy-engendering edits within the broader competitive format.Not as good as some of her colleagues, but not as bad as you might think the perpetually smiling ingenue might go.

Alaska’s crowning symbolised the end of a particular chapter in the show’s broader narrative, and where to from there was anyone’s guess.

Many have been raving about pageant queen turned top three potential Trinity Taylor, but this week she tried to repeat the redneck shtick she used to win the Princess challenge…and failed. This Broadway queen reminded us being trained in musical theatre is not a guarantee of standup success. Anyway, Alexis ended up in the bottom two and one hopes it makes her a little more humble. Farrah has been consistently struggling through the competition, and this week’s challenge was perhaps her lowest point.

Nina Bo’Nina Brown also went for a character, which thanks to her “bushfire alert” dry sense of humour came off better than Trinity. I will never be able to forget her cringeworthy final line, “Now that Michelle’s dick breath has stunk up the stage…” She earned her spot in the bottom two, poor thing.

This week, Alexis Michelle made a fuss over the queens making jokes about her body.

Hot on the heels of the body image chat in the workroom a few weeks back, Alexis was in a way justified in calling out the jokes…

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Sometimes, Ru throws one queen a bone at the lip synch (see: Season Four where Chad Michaels got handed an ).

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