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Anthropogenic and naturally caused disturbance events are discernable in the dendrochronological record as they produce large increases in radial growth in residual and newly established trees (Baker 1995, Nowacki and Abrams 1997). Thus, changes in land-use history and climate may be impacting long-term growth trends in trees.

In contrast, the impacts of greenhouse gases and the corresponding, often subtle, changes in climate are not as easily detectable in the tree-ring record (Jacoby and D’Arrigo 1997, Mann et al. Some studies have shown increased radial growth in response to the global change factors such as nitrogen fertilization and increased CO levels (Briffa et al. However, this impact may vary by species and age class.

There exists an inverse relationship between growth rate and increasing age class.

The latter phase is attributed to age- and size-related growth declines.In contrast, RWI is typically used in dendroclimatological studies to standardize ring widths into indices to highlight above- or below-average periods of growth through time in relation to climate (Esper et al. The RWI was calculated for the 20 oldest trees of four of the study species at individual study sites.Raw-ring widths were fitted with negative exponential curves using the subtraction method in the program ARSTAN (Cook and Holmes 1984).We found that most trees in all age classes and species exhibit an increasing BAI throughout their lives.This is particularly unusual for trees in the older age classes that we expected to have declining growth in the later years, as predicted by physiological growth models.

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